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If you are a local business, or individual with a product you want to advertise then this site is a good way to reach local families involved in the OSSU. To advertise on this website you will need to contact Eric Best at[at] with the following:

Your Ad.

You need to have an ad that is either 240 x 240 px or 240 x 400 px. We will resize an ad image for you for free, if it is close to the right ratio. We can also create ads for you at $60/hr. If you already have an image and the text all worked out, it doesn't take long to put an ad together.

Your Basic Information.(cut and paste into your email and fill in the blank)

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Mailing Address:
The Details of Your Ad: (type, text, etc.)
Click-Through Ad Destination: (i.e.., Facebook page, or Etsy, etc.)
(attach ad or images to be used)

Use the "products" below to purchase your ad space. Notice: your "cart" will only appear on this page to the right. If you have any questions, please ask!

Where does your ad money go?

Every year a domain name (i.e. needs to be registered. The domain also needs to be hosted, that is, placed on a web server and served up to you and everyone else on the internet. For us, that means getting an account with GreenGeeks who run their servers on wind power to keep our electrons green. They claim that by 2020 the internet will be more polluting than the airline industry.

The forum that this site is built on is a free open source forum called phpBB 3.2. However, the theme that is applied to it to keep it mobile phone friendly is not free. The ad service embedded into the site is also a monthly charge, but allows us to--hopefully--make enough to offset our costs. Lastly, the internet is a wild beast that needs constant taming. Time is spent continually updating and fixing things that break due to upgrades done for security reasons, and also usability reasons. The rise of mobile has left a lot of website building software scrambling to redesign itself and all of its add-ons, which has made for an extremely "buggy" time in web design with much of the documentation for this software falling behind. Your ads help us pay for the time it takes to navigate this ever changing landscape and provide this service to the community.

So, thanks!